Wow, you really did have more questions.

Didn’t you used to have a site with photographs?
The remnants are around.
How is this site built?
This static site is generated with Rmarkdown using a manual process. That was before blogdown was released. Yup, there are plans to migrate to blogdown.
Why not use LinkedIn?
LinkedIn has 2 disadvantages. The first is HTML code can’t be included in articles. Plus there’s no way to generate anywhere near as nicely formatted R code or even generate sections with R code. The second is I want to own the source of my posts and keep my site under revision control.
Why use Github as your web host?
Github hosts static sites for free and has a huge benefit. I can publish my package documentation automatically using pkgdown directly to this website by setting Github Pages to Source - master branch/docs folder under project settings. However the blog portion is kept in a private repo.